Art & Afternoon Tea Sunday 20th March

We had an excellent turnout for Afternoon Tea on Sunday…

While enjoying delicious refreshments we also got down to the serious business of raising money to help support the people of Ukraine. From the sale of donated paintings and prints we raised a sum of £280 which will be donated to the Colburn Community Fuel Fund. Their second convoy of vans taking supplies to Poland for the Ukrainian people is due to leave on the 29th March.

On average it costs £330 per van to complete the round trip and we will endeavour to reach this target as we hand the contribution over tomorrow. It is our intention to continue to raise funds for the Ukraine and we have many paintings and prints still to sell. They may be viewed at any time if you get in touch with either myself, Hilly or any other member of the Committee.

An enormous ‘thank you’ goes to everyone who helped and contributed in any way and to those who donated and/or purchased art work. Sadly we must continue the effort.

At the same event we welcomed Sue and Alan Mepham and Dawn and Simon Lemm who are new members of our Community.

The next Art & Afternoon Tea is due to take place in the Reading Room on Sunday 17th April, 2 – 5pm.

Stay safe!

Yours ever,

Major (Retd) George F Tomlin MBE
Chair, The Reading Room Committee
Constable Burton

2 thoughts on “Art & Afternoon Tea Sunday 20th March

  1. George Tomlin

    The final amount raised reached our target of £330. Art work remains available for viewing and purchase in the Reading Room. Contact me or any other committee member. The next Art and Afternoon Tea, in support of the Ukrainian people, will be on the 17th April 2 – 5pm.


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