Approved Planning Permission



Planning permission has been agreed with RDC for the replacement of the roof to the Reading Room’s toilet block and the installation of bespoke double glazing throughout the building. Work will commence on the toilet block in approximately one week, dependent on the weather. It will be carried out by Mike Molinski of Hauxwell Construction. It will include the replacement of the tiled roof with a GRP fibre glass roof with polyurethane insulation. It is also intended that hot air hand driers will be installed, walls decorated and the back door to the Reading Room replaced. Thermostats to the 3 radiators in the toilet block are ready to be installed.

People who park their cars in the Reading Room’s carpark should note that a skip will be positioned by the toilet block while this work takes place. There should still be sufficient space for all cars away from the toilet block during this period.

Work to replace the Reading Room’s windows with accoya framed double glazing will not be initiated until sufficient funding is confirmed. While this work will be carried out as soon as possible, and hopefully in the next few months, planning permission would expire as at 15th January 2024.

The Reading Room will be re-opened as soon as Government regulations permit it. It will be in an improved state with central heating which is now working correctly – fingers crossed!

In the meantime – Stay safe!

Yours ever,

Maj (Retd) George F Tomlin MBE
Chair to the
Reading Room Committee




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