Approved Funding




With reference to my letter ‘APPROVED PLANNING PERMISSION’ posted on the 18th Jan 21, in which I mentioned the intention to replace the Reading Room’s windows with double glazing. We have now received a grant of £4,999 from RDC’s Community Investment Fund which is to be spent specifically on the work we intend carrying out to renovate the toilet block and to install double glazing. Under the terms and conditions attached to it the grant must make up a maximum of 69.3% of the total project costs. Work to replace the windows, as approved by the Reading Room Committee, will begin as soon as possible. There is, however, likely to be a delay of several months before the glazier will be available

Stay safe!

Yours ever,

Maj (Retd) George F Tomlin MBE
Chair to the
Reading Room CommitteeTelephone: 01677 450194
24th January 2021

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