AGM 2024 – Agenda


AGM 2024
To be held in The Reading Room
On Friday 19th April at 6.00pm

  1. Acceptance of Minutes from AGM 2023
  2. Chairmans Report to include
    1. Past events.
    2. Reading Room Renovations
  3. Accounts. Treasurers Report 2023 to 2024. Income/Expenditure
  4. Future Events.
  5. Election of Committee Members.
  6. Any Other Business.
  7. Date of next Committee meeting.

Any persons who wish to join the Committee, please advise by email a minimum of 5 days prior to the AGM or contact Hilly Dobson directly.

If you have any other subject that you wish to have added to the above Agenda please let me have notice of it by Wednesday 16th April.

Barry Snarr
Chair to the Meeting Room Committee
Constable Burton.
07730 986863

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