Reading Room Minutes – February 5th 2013



Present: Cathy Ayers, Anna Corbett, Keith Manning, Mike Phillipson, and Stephen Allen

Apologies: Pam Allen, Hilly Dobson, Stewart Ayers.

Matters arising:

  1. The soup morning was a success despite the bad weather. Thanks to Anna for pressing the tablecloths and to Stephen for the soup.
  2. Cathy has not yet seen Lord Peel about a talk
  3. Toilet roof repair is ongoing – trying to get the landlord to take responsibility.
  4. No progress on mower shed repair.
  5. Anna to contact community policeman about calling in on the March 9th coffee morning.

Treasurer’s report

The treasurer reported that nothing much had happened in the past month and produced figures to back this up. Income was £161.60 with expense of £10.40 for the soup morning. A full financial breakdown for the past year with in depth analysis was promised for the AGM. Treasurer to make sure that the books are audited before the AGM.

Future Events

Coffee Morning –Saturday February 9thHilly to be in charge.

Coffee MorningSaturday March 9th – Anna to be in charge.

Friday March 15th Spring Supper.

Tuesday March 19th AGM

Sunday April 21st first Afternoon Tea event.

Other Business

  • Election of officers.

Treasurer and secretary are both willing to stand again. Cathy expressed unwillingness to stand again for chair. Anna is willing to take this on but limited to just chairing meetings. Some discussion was held about managing the social and fundraising events with a limited committee. More committee members are needed. The afternoon teas bring in essential funds and should be prioritised over other social functions. Mike is busy running the computer sessions and signage for events. We need someone to take on responsibility for catering events.

  • Discussed options for a Book Sale at Easter – Saturday March 30th and Sunday March 31st
  • Mike produced statistics for views and visitors to the Constable Burton web site which showed encouraging performance. Outlined plans to increase the scope of the on-line village events calendar.

Next meting March 5th

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