1940s Evening

It was ‘Leyburn 1940s Weekend’ last weekend, and it was back to the 1940s in the Reading Room at Constable Burton last Friday Night when both Dress and Supper was War Years Inspired:

Looks like the food was a little better than a genuine Ration Book might allow, and with everyone looking the part, a better time than might have been expected was had by all……

For those interested in the Leyburn Event, there’s Loads of Photographs and Details on the Web Site


6 thoughts on “1940s Evening

  1. MikePhillipson Post author


    thanks for taking the time to add your comments here – maybe you can help….

    Have you any old photos of Studdah farm or the painting you mention ?

    There seem to be plenty with fond memories of the farm and the surrounding area.

    Here’s some links that might be of interest if you’ve not come across them before :



  2. Stevan Alcock

    My grandfather, John George Alcock (1879-1947) leased Studdah Farm, Constable Burton in the 1920s. I remember there was a painting of the farmhouse on the wall of my aunts house in Harrogate. He’d come there from Kirklington, Bedale sometime after his marriage in 1914 to Jane Westmarland of Barningham (1875-1930).

  3. MikePhillipson Post author

    Mary, thanks for posting on our web site – evacuees have wildly differing recollections of the war years. I hope your memories of the area inhabit the positive end of the spectrum!

    You may be interested in the Leyburn 1940s weekend, if you are not aware of it already. This years event takes place over the weekend of 25th & 26th July. There’s more information here: http://www.leyburn1940sweekend.org/

    In the meantime, do visit our web site from time to time – and we’ve got regular social events planned over the Summer which you may like to attend if you’re ever planning on (re)visiting the area.

    1. Mary Harrison

      Hello, I have only happy memories of my stay in Constable Burton, I too have heard of unpleasant things happening to evacuees, but definitely not in my case, Mr and Mrs Brown who owned Studdah Farm, treated my sister and I very very well

  4. Mary Harrison (neeNicholles)

    I Was evacuated to Constable Burton in 1940 and lived at Studdah Farm I went to school at the parish rooms


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